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Alcohol detection devices

Development of Devices for both consumer and Law Enforcement Alcohol Quantifying Devices.


Alcohol Detection Technology with Amarula

One of our many professional services comes in the form of Alcohol Detection Technology products. We have developed many products for various customers in both B2B and B2C markets.

There are many areas of Alcohol Detection Technology that require a firm knowledge of Human Device Interaction and measures to prevent subjects from attempting to falsify the test data.




Challenges will vary from one product to the next. Often, we are provided with Government approved standards that are required to be met. Especially when the product is intended to be sold to Law Enforcement, or includes a Vehicle Ignition Interlock.

Most often, the challenges are related to obtaining accurate and stable test results from a particular device in a use case situation.

Some of the Products we have already developed for our clients include:


  • Mobile e-health Alcometer
  • Law Enforcement Alcometer with GSM/WiFi/Camera
  • Infra-Red Spectrometer based Alcohol Detection
  • Vehicle Ignition Interlocks
  • Medical Devices


The solutions we provide vary based on the customer requirements. However, we can normally generalise these products into 4 main categories:


  • Hand-Portable Alcometers / Breathalysers
  • Benchtop/Mobile Infra-Red Spectrometery (Often used in police stations and ‘Booze-Bus’ situations)
  • Vapour measurement devices (Such as Blood analysis for Medical Devices)
  • Transdermal Devices (Alcohol measured by monitoring sweat on the test subject’s skin)


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