Hardware Engineer Profile


Job description


Amarula Electronics is looking for an experienced Electronic Hardware Designer who can join our team.
We are working for multi-national companies on projects in Medical, Telecommunications, Banking, Security areas and hardware related projects.
We are working on innovating technology and are involved in cutting-edge devices. We work in a collaborative group and looking forward to having you on board.
For more information have a look at our website www.amarula-electronics.com.

Amarula Electronics provides tailored Hardware solutions to our customers. The following list provides an insight into the type of projects potential candidates will be expected to understand and develop.

  • Medical Sensor devices – Such as Alcohol Measurement
  • Solar Power Charging
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Embedded Devices – Running Linux/Android
  • IOT / Wearable designs

Key Skills – Hardware:


  • Schematic Design (Preferably using OrCAD suite)
  • Multi-Layer PCB Design (Preferably using OrCAD suite)
  • PCB SKILLS: High Density, Controlled Impedance, Length Matching, Differential Pair understandings.
  • Wireless Technologies: Wifi/Bluetooth/GSM/GPS
  • Design for EMC
  • Good ability for fault-finding
  • Understand how to work with test equipment, such as Oscilloscopes/Analyzers etc…


Key Skills – Firmware:


Ability to program basic micro-controller functionality for board bring up with the following:

  • iMX Family
  • Microchip Pic Family
  • Atmel AVR Family
  • STM32 Family
  • ARM Cortex M3/M4