giotto tune-box and board-amarula

We present you the new Giotto Tune, an audio board born from a passion to make great sound quality affordable to everyone.
With its Pure Class A preamplifier technology connected to analog volume control on both channels, Giotto rivels “professional” Digital to Analog Audio Converters with a much higher price.

How it works?

Giotto Tune plays music files encoded in PCM of different formats and at different bitrates, ranging from 44.100Khz to 192.000Khz up to 32bit and files in DSD64 format and DSD128 format.
It can be connected to your maker board through the de-facto standard Raspberry 40-pin GPIO connector.

It allows you to enjoy and control your music with the Open Source Audiophile Music player Volumio 2, Kodi, UPnP and all mpd compatible players.