PCB Assembly Service – PCBA

Low Cost Prototype and Production SMD PCB Assembly Services

pcb high speed design Minimum Component Size 0402
pcb concept design QFN/ QFP / BGA
pcb assembly service No Minimum Quantity
pcb concept designFast Turnaround Assembly
pcb assembly serviceFull or Partial Kitting Service

PCB Assembly for Protoype and Production

Amarula Electronics provides its customers with PCB Assembly services in two levels:

Full Turn-Key PCBA Service

Our Full Turn-Key PCBA service offers the most comprehensive assembly service. You provide us with the Gerber Files for the PCB and the Bill of Materials and we provide PCB Fabrication, Component Sourcing, PCB Assembly and Test.

Partial PCBA Service

Using our Partial PCBA service, you can provide just some of the materials such as already fabricated PCB’s, some or all of the components for the assembly. Using this service we provide the necessary tooling, assembly and Test.

Online PCBA Quote Form

Using the form below we can provide you with an estimation to provide your PCBA services. Please take care to fill out all information as accurately as possible so that we can provide you with our best possible quotation.

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