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Circuit design

Using the very latest in schematic and simulation tools we capture your concept.

We will take your concept or Idea and convert it into a Schematic Diagram, which, where possible, will be simulated to evaluate and test performance before producing any hardware. A Bill of Materials can then be issued enabling you to begin looking at cost and availability.

PCB layout

We will design your PCB to your specifications and produce prototypes.

Your custom PCB design will begin to come to life…. We will provide 3D representations of the finished product, plus simulation reports where necessary.

Software & firmware design

We will work with you to provide working applications and firmware.

We cover a vast range of Programming Languages and architectures. From embedded microcontroller firmware to complete Android operating system design.


Our excellent team can provide stunning conceptual renders to full manufacturable designs.

Our Engineering team will come up with concepts for your product based on your input and provide rendered images until you are happy with the look and feel. The chosen design will then be improved upon until it is ready to be prototyped and manufactured.

Digital Circuit Design

Some projects require custom digital signal processing that might not be possible in off the shelf DSP processors. At the same time, doing a full ASIC run can take a long time, and is expensive. FPGAs allow us to quickly develop a working solution that can be easily updates as requirements change during the development process.

We have experience doing digital circuit design using VHDL for FPGAs from several different vendors. We also write the low level device drivers that are required for your applications to interact with the hardware.


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